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    Shenyang Huaqi Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. ( It is mainly engaged in sales, installation, transportation and maintenance. Single girder overhead traveling crane Gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, electric hoists, jib cranes, hoisting cranes, hoisting equipment, explosion-proof cranes, wire ropes, aerial work trucks, gantry cranes, European cranes, crane accessories, lifting platforms, double girder crane, double beam grab, hydraulic lifting cargo ladder, etc. Scope of business: professional operation of lifting equipment manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance. Our company has a professional team in Liaoning area for Liaoning province. 365 days, all-weather, 24 hours service Electric hoist maintenance, crane maintenance, single and double beam crane maintenance, gantry crane maintenance, single beam crane, overhead crane maintenance, crane installation, maintenance and renovation, sales of various crane accessories.

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    Address: No. 211 Nu River street, Yuhong District.