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    Shenyang crane maintenance factory to help you understand the maintenance of small and medium-sized cranes

    Source: Release time: 9:04:44, December 4, 2018

    Small and medium-sized crane users are increasing every year, but more and more customers neglect the maintenance in the use process. Maintenance occupies a very important position in the use process of the crane. Remember to only use non maintenance and blind maintenance. No maintenance and improper maintenance will cause great damage to small cranes Shenyang crane manufacturer Xiaobian will explain it one by one from the moment the customer picks up the car!

    1、 Pick up, logistics, transportation, driving
    When customers just pick up the car and go on the road, they need to confirm the safety repeatedly in advance: brake, tire pressure, tire bolt, oil level, coolant, battery, etc.
    2、 Preparation before lifting
    Before lifting operation, the customer needs to prepare: add counterweight, outrigger pad, lifting rope, hopper and other accessories.
    3、 When working continuously for a week
    When the customer works continuously for one week (including walking and hoisting), it is necessary to check whether the tire bolts, clasps, oil pipes and turntable bolts are loose, and check the axle pin and other parts.
    4、 15 consecutive days
    When the customer works continuously for 15 days, it is necessary to clean the hydraulic oil and fill the whole vehicle with lubricating oil. The oil drain bolt is reserved at the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank, which can discharge all the hydraulic oil at night, and refill it after one night of precipitation. When the oil is not enough, timely fill and replace the hydraulic oil filter element. The position where grease needs to be filled (very important): the slewing bearing, boom slider, various axle cutting pulley, external lubrication of winch and boom, and various telescopic friction points shall be filled with grease once a half month in autumn and winter and once every 7 days in summer.
    5、 Continuous working for one month
    During continuous operation for one month, it is necessary to maintain the traveling system, add grease to the mechanical filter, diesel air filter, engine oil, gear oil, wheel guard and spring plate.
    6、 Matters needing attention:
    1. Check the condition of steel wire rope frequently, and replace it in time in case of pricking, extrusion and bulging.
    2 check the firmness of all kinds of rigging frequently.
    3. Check the reliability of all kinds of shaft cutting frequently.
    4. Check whether the welding of vehicle structure parts is abnormal.
    5. The slider of boom shall be replaced in time and whether the position of wire rope is displaced.
    6. If the crane function is abnormal, it should be repaired in time before it can work.