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    Features of electric hoist, Shenyang electric hoist tells you

    Source: Release time: 2017 / 2 / 21 17:40:51

    Shenyang electric hoist Tell you that the advantages of the wire rope electric hoist is small in length and size, and the motor is installed in the drum. The structure of the electric hoist is compact, and the motor axis is perpendicular to the drum axis, and the worm gear transmission device is used. Its disadvantages are: large length, large width, bulky structure, low mechanical efficiency and difficult processing. The hydraulic system is dual control, overflow control valve and magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure. The electrical control department adopts low voltage control, which increases the safety of the control system. No manufacturer has produced this type of product. Shenyang electric hoist Tell you the structure and characteristics: the machine adopts the mechatronics design, changing different molds, you can press different specifications of wire rope, easy to control, safe. Its main disadvantages are poor heat dissipation premise, poor grouping, convenient inspection, installation and maintenance of the motor, and complex power supply device. The wire rope electric hoist has the advantages of small height, length and size. Its disadvantages are large width, poor grouping and complex manufacturing and assembly. Classification and description of wire rope electric hoist the composition of wire rope electric hoist includes motor, transmission mechanism, drum and sprocket. According to the different position of motor and drum, it can be divided into four types. The pressed steel wire rope has large tensile force, beautiful appearance and fast speed. It only takes a few minutes to press a set of steel wire rope, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the work efficiency. The electric hoist with motor installed outside the drum has the advantages of good grouping, high degree of generalization, easy change of lifting height and convenience of device inspection. The use of electric hoist, can be said to be very wide, but can correctly use the advantages of electric hoist to operate personnel may be less, I suggest that you should learn more about the characteristics of electric hoist, this knowledge, so that the use of electric hoist is better.