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    Shenyang crane maintenance manufacturer helps you understand the common faults and maintenance methods of truck cranes.

    Source: Release time: 2018/12/21 15:28:48

    1. failure analysis

    (1) when the expansion cylinder runs, there will be a sound between the piston and the cylinder, the piston rod and the guide sleeve, and often accompanied by crawling and vibration.

    (2) the noise of the steel rope telescopic system may be caused by the friction between the steel rope and the telescopic arm or between the pulley and the shaft.

    (3) the gap between the telescopic arms and the nylon sleeves is small, the box telescopic arms are distorted, the deflection error is large, the slipper lubrication between the telescopic arm and the basic arm is bad, and the wear of the slide block is serious.

    2. inspection and solution

    (1) evidence Shenyang crane manufacturer Xiao Bian understands that if the boom can not be retraction, the oil content in the tank should be checked first. When all the agencies are in working condition and the expansion cylinder is fully extended, the world factory net Xiaobi reminds that if the oil quantity is insufficient, it will affect the work of the hydraulic pump, so that the outrigger can not be retracted, so that the amplitude cylinder can be retraction.

    (2) when the first failure occurs in the proposal, the hydraulic pressure on the upper train should be checked, and the telescopic handle should not be enlarged to observe the oil pressure gauge. If the oil pressure rises, it is indicated that the damping hole of the telescopic cylinder balancing valve is blocked, so that the blockage in the damping hole must be removed and cleaned. If the oil pressure does not rise, but when increasing the throttle pressure can meet the requirements of work, it can be determined that the hydraulic pump is out of order.

    Failure inspection method for telescopic boom automatic sinking: do not move the control handle, release the tubing joint on the upper cylinder of the telescopic cylinder and observe whether continuous oil flow. If there is continuous oil outflow, it is indicated that the O ring on the piston has been damaged, the upper and lower chambers of the expansion cylinder have been collated, and the O ring can be replaced. If there is no oil outflow, the telescopic arm still sinks, indicating that the balance valve has internal leakage and should be repaired or replaced.

    The failure of the balancing valve or the air in the tubing is also the main reason why the boom can not be retracted. If the air leakage is caused by the leakage of the oil pipe, the leakage can be eliminated first, and then the lever is repeatedly pushed to push the gas back to the fuel tank along the oil return path. If the balance valve is faulty, the hollow bolt from the balancing valve to the oil inlet of the lower cavity must be slowly unscrewed, so that the hydraulic oil from the lower part of the telescopic cylinder will flow out slowly from the joint gap. Then the telescopic boom will automatically retract under the action of self weight, then check the balance valve to control whether the oil hole is blocked.