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    Maintenance of bridge cranes for crane maintenance in Shenyang

    Source: Release time: 2019/3/16 10:44:42
    bridge type Crane maintenance in Shenyang Maintenance knowledge
     Crane maintenance in Shenyang
    1), the appearance of the bridge crane: to clean the exterior, so that there is no dust and no yellow robe. Check for cracks and open welding.
    2), cart and trolley: (1) check and tighten the transmission shaft seat, gear box, coupling and shaft, and whether the keys are loose. Check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable.
    3) check the bridge crane reducer mainly depends on whether it leaks oil. When there is abnormal noise inside the box, we must open the lid. Generally due to bearing damage or gear meshing side clearance is too large, serious wear of tooth surface and other reasons.
    4) lifting and hoisting: (1) check whether the wire rope, hook and pulley are reliable, and wear should be replaced if the wear exceeds the specified value. Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
    5) check the wire rope of bridge crane. Inspection of wire rope should focus on wire breaking, wear, kink, rust and so on. For some serious wear and broken wires, but not yet exceeding the standard, marking should be made so as to follow up reinspection. Attention should be paid to checking whether the safety limiter in the reel is effective, whether the wire rope pressing plate on the drum is pressed and the number of pressing plates is suitable.
    6) lubrication: check the oil and oil content of all parts and add or replace lubricating oil as required.
    7) check the pulley of bridge crane. Pay attention to whether the groove bottom wear exceeds the standard and whether the cast iron pulley has cracks. For the balance wheel of the pulley block of the pitching mechanism, because it does not move normally, it is easy to be ignored. Therefore, the flexibility of rotation must be checked before installation. Otherwise, the length and tension of the left and right wire rope should not be automatically adjusted through the balance wheel, so as to increase the difficulty and danger of adjusting the overhead rope at high altitude.
    8), electrical: (1) check whether the limit switches are sensitive and reliable; (3) check whether the electrical appliances in the electrical boxes are sensitive and reliable; (3) check whether the motors, electric bells and wires are safe and reliable; (4) check whether the lights are good.
    9) check whether there are any loosening or even rolling key of each axle joint of bridge crane. It is important to check the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling for any abnormal wear. For the toothed coupling, special attention should be paid to the wear condition of the gear ring. Because of the poor installation accuracy and the large offset between two axes, the whole gear ring will wear out quickly in a short time. If there is such a situation in lifting mechanism, serious accidents are likely to happen.