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    Maintenance and repair of important parts of crane

    Source: Release time: 2019/6/6 10:18:25

    Crane Maintenance

    Check the temperature of motor shell and bearing parts frequently, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon of motor noise and vibration.
    In case of frequent startup, due to the low speed and low ventilation and cooling capacity, and the higher current, the temperature rise of the motor will increase rapidly. Therefore, it is important to note that the temperature rise of the motor must not exceed the upper limit specified in the instruction.
    Adjust the brake according to the requirements of the motor manual.
    The daily maintenance of the reducer can refer to the instruction manual of the manufacturer. And check the anchor bolts of the reducer regularly.
    Lubrication of running gear

    When used for the first time, the ventilator cap should be opened first to ensure good ventilation and reduce internal pressure. Before working, check whether the height of the lubricating oil surface of the reducer is up to the requirement. If the oil surface is below the normal oil level, the lubricating oil of the same type should be added in time.
    The bearing of each wheel of the walking mechanism has been filled with enough grease (Gai Ji grease) during assembly. No need of daily refueling, every two months can be supplemented by grease hole or opening the bearing cover. The grease can be dismounted, cleaned and replaced once a year.
    Grease the grease at each open gear engagement.
    Maintenance and maintenance of hoist unit

    Always observe the oil window of the gearbox and check whether the lube oil level is within the prescribed limits. When the oil level is below the specified level, lubricating oil should be replenish in time.
    When the crane is not used frequently and the sealing condition is good and the service environment is good, the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced every six months, and be replaced once every quarter when the environment is bad. When the water in the box is found or the oil surface is always frothy and the oil is deteriorated, the oil should be changed immediately. When changing the oil, we should strictly replace the oil products specified in the instruction manual of the gearbox, and avoid mixing oil products.
    The roller bearing should be filled with grease once every two days. The surface of the drum and the wire rope will be applied to the grease according to the situation. The rolling bearings of the fixed and pulley blocks should be lubricated once a month.
    Lubricating oil is added to the active shaft of each linkage of the brake every week.