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    Shenyang to carry out special safety inspection of lifting machinery and equipment

    Source: 7:17:07 / 2019

    At present, the construction project is in the peak season of construction, and then it will enter the finishing stage of completion or tension, Crane In order to prevent the construction machinery from accidents, we have decided to strengthen the safety inspection of hoisting machinery in the city

    1、 Scope of inspection

    The special inspection includes tower cranes, construction elevators, material hoists and other lifting machinery and equipment used in all construction sites in the city.

    2、 Inspection contents

    (1) whether the construction hoisting machinery and equipment used on the construction site are produced by regular manufacturers, and whether they have production (Manufacturing) license and product qualification certificate;

    (2) whether the hoisting machinery and equipment installation and removal team has the corresponding qualification conditions, and has prepared a special installation and removal scheme, whether the installation and removal personnel are employed with certificates, whether the relevant construction administrative departments are informed in writing during the installation and demolition; whether the construction administrative department is informed before the tower ceiling is lifted, and whether the supervisor is on-site during the installation, demolition and jacking up period;

    (3) after the hoisting machinery and equipment are installed, whether the installation unit conducts self inspection, issues the self inspection certificate, explains the safe use to the construction unit, handles the acceptance procedures and signs;

    (4) whether the hoisting machinery and equipment have passed the inspection before use;

    (5) whether the user has gone through the use registration procedures with the relevant departments within 30 days after the installation organization and acceptance of lifting machinery and equipment are qualified;

    (6) whether the emergency management system and safety management system of hoisting equipment have been established regularly;

    (7) whether there is a special scheme for tower crane hoisting, if it conforms to the scope of divisional and sub divisional works with a certain scale and high risk, whether the special scheme has been demonstrated by experts; whether the operators of lifting equipment (including drivers and rope drivers) hold the operation certificate of special personnel and have been trained at three levels of the enterprise;

    (8) whether the daily use of lifting machinery conforms to the relevant provisions of the standard for safety inspection of building construction (jgj59-2011);

    (9) other items to be inspected.


    3、 Inspection method

    1. From now on to September 30, the construction and supervision enterprises shall organize and carry out self inspection on each construction site, rectify and rectify the potential safety hazards found immediately, and keep the self inspection results on the site for future reference.

    2. From October 1 to October 30, the construction administrative departments of various regions carried out investigation on the construction sites within their administrative areas, and the investigation rate reached 100%.

    3. From October 8 to October 30, the municipal construction engineering safety supervision station is responsible for the spot check of the city's construction sites, adopting the "double random" mode of inspection.

    4、 Job requirements

    1. The construction administrative departments, supervision and construction enterprises in various regions should attach great importance to the special safety inspection of construction hoisting machinery and equipment, and organize them carefully according to the inspection contents to ensure the thorough and in place special inspection work.

    2. The administrative departments in charge of construction in various regions should register and file one by one, supervise and urge the relevant units to seriously rectify and rectify, and pay close attention to major potential safety hazards to ensure thorough rectification. It is necessary to further strengthen the investigation and punishment of all kinds of illegal behaviors in the safe production of construction hoisting machinery and equipment, and severely crack down on the phenomenon of unqualified installation and dismantling, employment without certificate, illegal operation, reckless risk-taking and the use of eliminated products. Through the special safety inspection, establish the integrity file of hoisting machinery and equipment safety bad behavior, and limit the units and individuals with bad behavior to engage in relevant production and operation activities.

    3. The construction administrative departments, supervision and construction enterprises in various regions should further improve the supervision and management of all aspects of construction lifting machinery and equipment through inspection, and effectively improve the management level of construction lifting machinery and equipment.

    To strengthen the construction safety supervision. If there is no special plan for the construction site, the construction site shall be inspected for more than 30 times, and the construction site shall be punished if the construction plan is not carried out according to the laws and regulations Send it in writing to the quality and safety department of the municipal construction commission.

    5. The construction administrative departments of all regions shall report the summary of the special inspection to the quality and safety department of the municipal construction commission in writing before October 30.