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    What are the categories of mobile cranes?

    Source: Release time: 2019/7/11 8:55:41

    1. Truck crane

    Will Crane The truck with low disk performance equivalent to the same vehicle gross weight installed on the general or special vehicle chassis is in line with the technical requirements of highway vehicles, so it can be unimpeded on all kinds of highways. This kind of crane usually has two control rooms on and off, so it is necessary to extend the outrigger to maintain stability during operation. The range of lifting weight is very large, from 8 tons to 1000 tons, and the axle number of chassis can be from 2~10. It is the largest and most widely used crane type.


    2. Tyre crane

    The crane is mounted on a special pneumatic tire chassis. Up and down with an engine, the speed is generally not more than 30KM/H, the width of the vehicle is also wide, so it is not suitable for long-distance driving on the highway. The utility model has the functions of lifting and driving without lifting legs, and is suitable for lifting operations in places with limited moving distance, such as freight yards, wharves, construction sites, etc.


    3. Cross country tire crane

    It is a crane developed in 70s. Its lifting function is similar to that of a tire crane, and it can also be carried without lifting legs and lifting weights. The difference is the structural form of the chassis and the improvement of driving performance caused by the unique chassis structure. The engine of the crane is mounted on the chassis, and the chassis has two axles and four large diameter cross-country tread tyres. The four wheels are driving wheels and steering wheels. When moving positions on muddy uneven sites, the four wheels transmit power, that is, four wheel drive, to improve the ability to pass muddy ground and uneven road surface. When driving on a flat road at a relatively fast speed, only two wheels are driven by the front axle or rear axle to reduce energy consumption. In the random document of the crane, the four wheel drive is represented by 4 x 4, and 4 * 2 indicates that two wheels of 4 axles are driving wheels. The model is suitable for small field operations. Continuous infinitely variable speed can be realized, and the engine will not extinguish when the road resistance suddenly changes, so that the driver's operation is greatly facilitated. The off-road tire crane is a powerful, flexible tire crane with extended performance.


    4. All terrain crane

    It is a high performance product featuring both truck cranes and off-road cranes. It can be used as a truck crane for fast transfer and long distance running, and also can meet the requirements of narrow and rough or muddy fields. It has the following three steering modes: fast running speed, multi bridge driving, all wheel steering, large clearance from ground, high climbing ability, no lifting function such as leg lifting, and so on. It is a promising product. But the price is higher, and the level of use and maintenance is higher.


    5. Special crane

    A special crane developed for completing a specific task. For example: for mechanized troops to implement tactical and technical support, mounted on off-road vehicles or armored vehicles on the lifting wheel rescue vehicles; for dealing with traffic accidents, such as road wrecker vehicles.