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    What are the classifications of cranes? What are the advantages of cranes?

    Source: Release time: 2019/9/19 16:21:39

          Crane There is an indispensable proportion in our construction and transportation. But what kinds of cranes are there? And what are their advantages? Next, let me explain to you:

    Hoisting machinery is a kind of machinery that can accomplish vertical lifting and horizontal movement at the same time. It is widely used in industrial and civil construction projects as the main construction machinery. There are many kinds of cranes. Mobile cranes are commonly used in building construction, including tower cranes, truck cranes, tire cranes, crawler cranes, and basic hoisting machines -- hoists and vertical lifts for high-rise buildings.

     Tower crane

          The characteristics and application scope of commonly used cranes are as follows:

    Tower crane

          Advantages: (1) a machine with multiple functions, such as mobile, fixed, attachable, etc., can meet the different needs of construction; (2) after reaching the height of attachment, it can reach up to 100m; (3) the effective operation range can reach 80% of the full range; (4) it can load and walk in place. (5) power is motor, reliability and maintainability are good, and operation cost is very low.

    Truck crane

    Advantages: (1) the use of general or special vehicle chassis can be driven by the original speed of the vehicle, flexible, fast transfer; (2) the use of hydraulic transmission, smooth transmission, control effort, fast lifting speed, high efficiency; (3) boom is folding, flexible performance, fast transfer.

          Tyre crane

    Advantages: (1) driving speed is lower than vehicle type, higher than caterpillar type, small turning radius, good off-road performance and up to 17% ~ 20%; (2) generally using outrigger, hanging on the flat floor can not use outrigger, but also can operate on four sides, and also can lift slowly and slowly; (3) stability can be better.

          Crawler crane

    Advantages: (1) slow driving speed, good cross-country performance, large climbing capacity, and traction coefficient of 1.5 times that of the tire type; (2) it can be built in soft mud, marsh and so on, and the weight lifting is relatively stable; (3) a variety of working devices can be changed to carry out a variety of operations, and the scope of use is wide.

    What are the classifications of cranes? What are the advantages of cranes? The answer. In case of doubt, please call our company hotline.