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    Shenyang gantry crane tells you crane maintenance.

    Source: Release time: 2017/2/21 17:40:51

    Shenyang gantry crane To tell you that cranes are an important industrial equipment, the main function is to ensure the migration and lifting of various objects in the industry. But in the process of use, crane maintenance is also a detail factor that can not be ignored. Crane maintenance is the key factor to extend the life of the equipment. There are many factors to consider. Cranes will be affected by environmental factors such as impurities, dust and so on during the long term use. At the same time, the connection between parts should be improved. Therefore, the maintenance of the crane needs to consider the regular maintenance and wipe of all parts of the equipment, especially the connection between components and parts, so as to ensure the performance of the equipment. At the same time, in the maintenance process of cranes, we should pay attention to the inspection of all parts of the equipment. The inspection part includes two parts: machinery and circuit. The connection between components needs to consider the firmness. At the same time, check whether there is rust or wear. The check of the circuit is also a large part, which is mainly the connection between the operation part of the equipment and the processing part. Shenyang gantry crane Tell you, so in the maintenance time, we must pay attention to regular debugging for the condition of the crane. For users, it is very important to develop better equipment operation habits if cranes are maintained more smoothly. Every time you use the equipment, you must pay attention to making a general inspection of the equipment. At the same time, you should pay attention to the operation according to the sequence in the process of operating the equipment. After the use of the equipment, you can clean the equipment very well. Good usage habits are the foundation of equipment use. Once the equipment is abnormal in the process of using it, do not deal with it yourself, but choose it. Appropriate crane maintenance and repair businesses to deal with. In short, crane maintenance needs to consider the details of many factors, in the maintenance process must pay attention to!