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      Shenyang crane double beam grab

      Shenyang double beam grab mg type double beam gantry crane adopts box double beam welding structure, and also adopts truss type (flower frame type). Model M refers to gantry crane and Mg refers to double beam gantry crane. Generally, it is equipped with main and auxiliary hooks, such as 50 / 10t, 32 / 5t, etc. the box double beam welding structure can increase the working space and facilitate the transportation, installation and maintenance of the crane. The trolley adopts soft cable to conduct electricity, double beam grab crane adopts sliding contact type, cable reel type is available for selection, closed air-conditioning control room is adopted, and linkage control platform is set inside, which has the advantages of wide vision, flexible operation, comfortable work and high efficiency. Which Shuangliang grab is good in Shenyang? Shenyang crane company.

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      Product introduction

      Shenyang double beam grab Double crane type, such as double type gantry girder, can be welded with box girder of double crane type (50 m), and can be welded with box girder. The trolley is conducted by flexible cable, Shenyang double beam grab The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, flexible operation and wide operating range.

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